Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

What happens when you put Tom Cruise up to the challenge of running down the tallest building in the world?  He does it with impeccable grace and makes the bone chilling scene appear less intimidating with some colloquial humor. 

The IMF has made too many errors and the last one has left Russia and the United States as enemies.  The Kremlin mission turned into a perfect booby trap after a successful terriorst attack by an unknown source,  has left the IMF's fingerprints plastered all over it.  The President has decided to eight-six all affiliation with the team.  The Ghost Protocol has left the agents with no back up and no means of contact with a support system.

Now, the Russian politican behind the original terrorist attack is still making plans to end the world with nuclear warfare.  Everyone left of the IMF is now proceeding to stop the nuclear launch alone.  It's stop the terrorists or join the world in mass destruction for Ethan Hunt and his unjustly labeled infamous team.

From seduction to skyscraping leaps to fatal 'cat' fights to comedic relief Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has left out no ingredients for pure entertainment.  Jeremy Renner (William Brandt) and Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn) work well together to form a unique partnership that keeps the audience laughing.  And then Paula Patton (Jane Carter) shows the men up as she fights the bad guys with one advantage her male partners lack: She can trip up the bad guys by seducing them and then kicking their a#$.

Slightly long, this movie creates the whole action package.  No one does it better though then Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) leading the IMF as they journey together to stop the earth's fatal prophesy with one technological malfunction after another.  Benji the computer brains of the IMF is sure of all the capabilites of the technology he must use, but one thing also remains sure: He cannot completely control the enviornment in which they are used.  A couple near death experiences due to technical failures leaves the audience on the edge of their seat.

And to tie it off Cruise's jail mate and friend include a hairy Russian man, Bogdan (Miraj Grbic), just to keep things interesting.  Even if you have never seen any version of Mission Impossible, you can still see Ghost Protocol and be fully enthralled.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, 2011

Two- thumbs up

Rated: PG-13

133 minutes

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