Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One for the Money

Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigel) is looking to start a new life.  Her lingerie managing days are over as well as her married life and her dream car has now been repossessed.  Only six months of procrastination and Plums ready to get a job.  The only job available where she can make a lot of money upfront is working for her cousin vinny as a bounty-hunter.

As Plum thumbs through the records of wanted people she comes across a report on Joe Marelli (Jason O'Mara) who's now worth $50,000 on wanted charges.  Of course Marelli is the same man that left Plum high and dry after a one time trist in high school.  She wants the $50,000 and she wants revenge on Marelli.  Only time will tell for these two, so the love story goes.

Katherine Heigel did an awesome job playing a tough as nails bounty-hunter yet mainting her femininity.  As a born- and- raised jersey girl I can personally tell you she played the part flawless.  To the accent, to the attitude and even the wardrobe she was 100% jersey.  If your a woman who loves a good romantic comedy you'll enjoy One for the Money.  It's cute and witty and Heigel's character is someone almost every girl can identify with you don't even have to be from jersey to understand, although it helps. 

I thought the movie could have been better with more background information to Plum's life before she was a bounty-hunter, but over all it was a good solid chick flick.  A movie both mom and daughter, friends, or sisters can go see and get a good laugh.

Cute & Witty

Rated: PG-13

90 minutes

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