Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Vow

It is impossible to know where life will take you.  Destiny is something we are often afraid of because we don't know what the future holds.  But life and destiny have a way of working themselves out; they bring you to the future you never imagined.

 It is in "moments of impact," as stated by Leo (Channing Tatum) that define who we will become.  The moments that leave you in tears or the moments you laugh so hard you cry and forget everything, for a moment. 

Love is powerful.  It changes everything.  People search forever just trying to find the one person who they were destined to be with.  The Vow is a story about two people who were destined for each other.  No matter what obstacles get in the way, their love for one another ultimately determines their future.

Paige (Rachel McAdams) has lost her memory after surviving severe brain injuries that has caused her to forget her husband or any memories of her present life.  She is searching for her identity, but she didn't know that in order to find herself she needs to let go of her past. 
This movie teaches an important lesson:  The future can be brighter than we ever dreamed of, but it comes at a cost, we must let go of the past.  An amazing true love story based on a real life event that leaves you inspired to keep believing for your dreams. 

A great movie to see for Valentine's Day! I think for a first date this movie may be a little heavy, but for those who have been together through good times and bad can appreciate the beauty of this love story. The Vow is romantic, but the brevity of Paige's struggle to regain her memory after a car accident is very depressing.  In the end this fairytale comes together and you are left captivated by Leo and Paige's story.

Tear Jerker

Rated: PG-13

104 minutes

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