Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Descendants

Why is it that when someone is on their death bed or actually dead we then feel the need to make things right with our families and friends? 
Matt King, Scottie and Alexandra with friend Sid

 Life can happen in an instant.  One minute you are about to cross the street and then the next minute you are plowed down by a tractor trailer.  A little graphic, but it makes my point.  Our time on this earth is short even if we live to be a hundred, it all happens instantaneously.  Why not live as if our time on this earth was up.  No body is perfect, but we should at all costs cherish the moments that we have with our loved ones now and forgive as if our life depended on it.  You never know when you might say good-bye to someone for the last time.

The Descendants is a story about a husband and wife who lost each other somewhere down the road of life.  George Clooney (Matt King) became too busy to make time for his wife and two girls until his wife went into a coma from a tragic boating accident.  The family especially little Scottie (Amara Miller), Clooney's youngest daughter, waits in anticipation for their loved one to awake until they discover her dying wishes.  She does not want to be plugged into a machine just to be kept alive, but she wants to die. 

At this moment Clooney realizes his daughter who is away in an institution needs to come see her mom so she can say good-bye.  While Clooney tries to reunite with his daughters he finds out his wife was cheating on him before the accident.  As she lies dying in a white hospital bed Clooney goes and confronts the man who helped ruin his marriage. 

For me this was all too close to the crap that happens in real life.  I watch movies to be entertained and maybe laugh a little, but this movie was emotionally painful to watch.  When I go see a movie I like to forget about life's problems for just a little while not driven to depression.  Director Alexander Payne filmed The Descendants in a very unique way by showing each characters personal struggle with losing their wife, thier mom, their friend and their daughter.  But I'm not sure who really wants to go watch somone dying for 115 minutes.  I left the theatre feeling drained and hopeless I do not recommend this film to anyone unless you like to watch people suffering, that's your call.


Artistically depressing

Rated: R

115 minutes

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