Monday, April 30, 2012

The Lucky One

Some people would say Nicholas Sparks' books can never be real; it just doesn't happen in real life.  However I would have to disagree with those pessimists and say anything is possible if you just believe.  I believe if you never give up love will find you, its only a matter of time.

The sun reflects on a fallen image lying on the ground of the hot Iraqi desert.  Logan (Zac Effron) a U.S. marine is drawn towards the lightened image.  As he walks over to pick the image up he discovers it is a photograph of a beautiful blonde-haired woman.  Suddenly, a bomb goes off behind him where he had stood.  Could the picture of the beautiful stranger have saved his life?

Logan wants to find the woman in the picture, but he has no knowledge of where she lives or even her name.  As Logan journies on his quest across the country he just happens to find her in Louisiana when he applys for a job at the dog kennel.Elizabeth (Taylor Schilling) has no idea that Logan has a picture of her and Logan has no idea how to tell Beth.  As the two fall deeper in love the situation becomes more intense.

If you love Nicholas Sparks' movies you will love the Lucky One.  It is a beautiful romantic tale and I believe an extrodinary example of finding true love.  Sparks' books might be fiction, but they happen in real life.  I hope this movie inspires you to keep believing and keep waiting for the person you were destined to be with because when it does happen you realize it was worth waiting for.

Romantic & Dramatic


101 Minutes 

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