Friday, April 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Her skin was as white as snow and she was the king's daughter, but after her father's disappearnce her evil stepmother mistreated the beautiful princess, Snow White.  The queen hated Snow and made the people of the kingdom pay high tariffs because of her wicked nature. 

 On Snow's 18th birthday a palace worker told her she was the one to break the queen's spell over the land.  Snow for the first time in years, went out of the palace to see the devestation the queen had on the people.  As she was traveling out of the palace she ran into the handsome prince who became captivated by Snow's beauty. 

This romantic fairy tale with a strong feminist point of view by director Tarsem Singh was witty and creative.  Nathan Lane (Brighton) was histerical as the queen's brainless assistant who is always getting into trouble.  Julia Roberts (the queen) was brilliant playing an evil, jealous stepmother and at the same time very funny.  And of course Lily Collins (Snow White) played a very intelligent, strong female role model. 

The movie was excellent and stuck very close to the original Grimm's fairy tale version of the story.  I recommend seeing this movie whether young or old, it is something all ages can appreciate.

Witty & Enchanting

Rating: PG

106 minutes

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